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What is a Bridge anyway?

Bridges is a new way of doing social media where people with similar interests like the same topics and form online communities of interest.

So what is a "Bridge" anyway?  A Bridge (is really a Topic Channel) and it is like a cable TV with channels for specific topics like Sports, Football, Food, Travel, Weddings, etc. You wouldn't expect to see Football on the Food channel, and Weddings on the Sports channel. Likewise, on Bridges each channel talks about things related to their own topics, and posts are not all mixed and mashed up like with Facebook and older social media. The single channel of Facebook, is like a crowded room where everyone is talking over everyone else about random things and pushing each persons message off the page.

Bridges is clear, focused and brings people together so they can form Bridges with other people.

Bridges can be any topic from You, a convention, a hobby, a lifestyle, an event. 

Bridges have relationships to other topics  like parents, siblings, and children

A parent of "Bora Bora" might be "Travel"

Children of "Travel" might include sub-topics of "Bora Bora", "Greece" , "England"

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4/11/2019 9:02:53 PM James C Hernandez View Profile