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  Post by: OPTAVIA Coach Kelli

Hello all,

My Dad has had lots of health issues the last 5 years and my Mom is no his caregiver. He can do most things for himself, his memory and speech have been affected and it is hard on our whole family but especially my Mom as she is with him 24/7. And I mean that literally, she can't leave him alone because he has fallen several times recently so she has to have one of us kids come hang out with him, not a big deal, we are happy to do it but we have to coordinate who is available on what days. My Mom is no spring chicken and I am thankful for her health that she is able to care for Dad. I'd like to find her someone who can relate. Maybe she can make some friends who understand what she goes through, OH and on top of being the caregiver for my dad, she treks from city to city to take her sister to appointments as she is unable to drive and her kids can't always take her, She has a lot on her shoulders.  Thanks for "listening" 


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