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  Post by: James C Hernandez

Coke vs. Pepsi / Target vs. Walmart

Bridges is an alternative social media site to Facebook. Facebook is old, boring, and corporate. On Bridges, everyone has their own Bridge channel they can post to without stepping on other conversations. If people like what you have to say, they can join your channel and creating a Bridge to you. These Bridges are great contact lists and communities of interested people.

We have more than one TV channel, more than one newspaper, magazine, restaurant, and even Coke has Pepsi. So why shouldn't we have Bridges? People need to think of Bridges like a new magazine or newspaper in town and jump on board. Bridges was born in the Annapolis/Baltimore area and we should support our local businesses.

To jump start people and advertisers, I started a new referral promotion for people to earn money by referring others to Bridges.Today. If these people actually post, comment, like, and participate they get points. The referrer with the most points for people they referred get the cash prize - Simple.

When someone gets referred, they just need to complete their profile with their own email and the email of who referred them. Then post and participate in all of the amazing Bridge topics and topic members. Win - win right?

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