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Posted by: Changeme-b659c
On: 9/20/2018 4:24:54 PM
Thirty years ago a small group of community members got together and decided they needed another festival for the community. There had once been a Strawberry Festival with fresh strawberries, homemade ice cream and strawberry shortcake, but changes in regulations made that too difficult to continue. This small group of founding members decided on a Fall Festival and what better fruit in the fall but apples? The Darlington Apple Festival was born and first held in the parking lot of the Darlington United Methodist Church. Over the past thirty years the Darlington Apple Festival has gone through many changes, but there remains at least one constant: Darlington is a community that supports its neighbors and local organizations. A small group of volunteers gets together almost every month to plan the Festival each year; they are all volunteers giving freely of their time and energy to create an event that brings tens of thousands of people to our small, quiet town. This Festival provides many opportunities for our citizens. · Our churches raise the funds necessary to support their parishes and outreach programs. · Our local community center raises funds to support a free food pantry, a ride share program that takes those who don’t drive to their doctor’s appointments or maybe just to lunch with their friends, as well as a before and after school program so our working parents can get to their jobs on time, knowing that their children will also be taken care of in a safe environment. · Our local PTA raises money to support all the fun programs that they offer their kids every school year. These are just a few of the advantages to having this Festival come to town one day each October. As a resident of Darlington, I am blessed to be a part of this community. As current chairperson of the Darlington Apple Festival, I can say that I am blessed to be a part of this organization that supports this community. Thank you all who come to our small town to eat the fish sandwiches and pit beef, apple fritters and dumplings, and to buy our pies. Thank you for supporting us and for enjoying this Festival year after year. We would not be the community that we are without you. Elaine Calderon Chairperson Darlington Apple Festival

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