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OPTAVIA Coach Kelli

Posted by: James Hernandez
On: 2/10/2019 3:49:18 AM

Certified OPTAVIA Coach

Company Name


Dates EmployedJul 2013 – Present

Employment Duration5 yrs 8 mos


North Beach, MD

We are a community of people who connect authentically with other people to discover how they can live their best life. Too many people are lacking hope because they don’t have the right tools.

What I would like your help with is an introduction to someone who has 20 - 40 or more pounds to lose. Maybe you are noticing they are going home right after work where they used to be more active & social. Please ask them for the Opportunity to Explore with me if this could be the tool they have been looking for! Let them know you have a Coach that you Know, Trust and Like that will do a FREE health assessment.

Health is vital to us all, and with your help, I can offer them the structure to create the life they always wanted. Whether it be wearing that special outfit, feeling confident in their own skin or wanting more energy and self confidence! I am here to help. 

Kelli Caudill - LinkedIn

OPTAVIA Coach Kelli

Kelli Caudill, COPE Certified Health Coach

Email:  Mobile: (301) 520-4648

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