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Posted by: Pammy
On: 11/21/2018 5:21:58 AM

Hi my name is James. I developed big web sites for Nasdaq, GEICO, others. I was saddened to see small businesses get crushed by giants, so I built a home and small business networking site to level the playing fields so small businesses could just plug into a network of buyers. Free advertising for small local businesses. My free website Http://Bridges.Today connects people associated with topics, goods and services based on relationships like (buyer/agent, student/tutor, shopper/business, etc.) Bridges users register their interests in topics, goods, and services as they explore the site which automatically generates lead lists for providers. Patent Pending. Trying to get the word out, need traction to get the site off the ground and site gets more useful as people use it. I plan on attending tomorrow's Networking In Annapolis meeting at 11:30

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