Local Places

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Local places to a particular location,postal code,town,district,region,city,state or province

Remember your total privacy is protected! This system only knows you by 'only a number' using a Patented process. Feel free


Step 1 Click here to set your interest type for Local Places

Receptive to receiving Local Places, or someone who wants to provide Local Places, or both. A provider can create a Local Places event for 86 interested poeple (no guessing at all).

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Step 2 Send messages other people specifically interested in Local Places based on type

Without guessing, trolling, or annoying people by blasting tons of emails or social posts out, Bridges allows you to reach out to people that have a specific interest in this topic as a receptive, provider, or person who is both

Step 3 Read messages for people specifically interested in Local Places based on type

Step 4 View all 86 people that have registered an interest in Local Places and connect

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