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Barefoot Life

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Challenge yourself to spend an entire day without shoes.

Try spending a whole day barefoot. Some shoe companies even ask people to do this (for erroneous and self-promoting reasons),  but you can spend a whole day barefoot to enjoy the benefits of letting your feet be feet! In fact, try spending two days without shoes. Your feet work in shoes all week, they deserve the weekend off. CAUTION: You may never go back to shoes! 

Why walk barefoot?

Because it is much healthier than wearing shoes, and it feels great! Most people already know how good it feels to kick off their shoes when they get home from work. Some may remember going barefoot as a child and how wonderful it felt until we were forced by our parents to put on shoes.

The fact is, human feet were designed for walking barefoot, and they continue to be totally efficient and sufficient for that purpose.

Though many people may consider shoes or other footwear an absolute necessity in today’s society for a variety of reasons, especially when out in public, the experience of people who actually go barefoot (and the information on this SBL website) prove otherwise.

Not wearing shoes in places where almost everyone else does may seem unusual or unexpected. But we see it as simply a matter of personal choice, similar to the choice of not wearing a hat where almost everyone else is wearing one.

We accept seeing people go barefoot at the beach, by a pool, while participating in martial arts or performing modern dance.  We expect that and we don’t consider it unsafe or unhealthy.  Those who regularly go barefoot find that doing so offers the same comfort and health benefits in other places, too.

The signs and policies (unique to the U.S.!) prohibiting bare feet developed in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s as a largely political objection to hippies, those opposed to the Vietnam war, and others deemed by appearance as “undesirable.”   None of this had to do with health or safety.

Now, many have forgotten all this (or never knew it).  They just see the signs, assume they’re about health and safety and accept that as a “given” (well, at least in certain places).


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