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Lee Crumbaugh - Forrest Consulting - Successful Selling Strategies

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Lee Crumbaugh is president and founder of Forrest Consulting.  He is involved in all client work, adding experienced professionals with appropriate skill sets as needed. 


For organizations Lee has served, he has used his experience, knowledge, people skills and insight to deliver:


·         Exceptional leadership and management counsel, working with directors, management and others.

·         Planning processes that evince a clear, compelling vision and focus the organization on pursuing strategies and implementing action steps to move to the vision.

·         Sustainable marketing, communications and business development programs that build market presence, drive effective communications and on-going interaction with stakeholders, and grow resources, support and impact.


Career Highlights:


When recruited as VP, Marketing, of United Way in the Chicago suburbs, charge was to dramatically grow funds raised. Tripled results from $9 million to $26 million in seven years. Became COO, led reorganization, introduced team management and outcomes.


At the American Fence Association, as Executive Director worked with Board and staff to grow the 1,700 member association. Programs doubled revenue to $4 million in four years and then limited contraction in the recession.Achieved 80% membership retention.


At Continental Bank, as VP Public Affairs, re-built and led marketing communications team as part of bank turn-around after FDIC rescue. Working with new ad agency (Fallon) and talented staff members, changed how and what bank communicated, externally and internally.


Launched consumer publishing company. Wrote business plan, raised $750,000 from 27 investors, recruited board and employees, launched publication, managed corporation.Led generation of 365 ad pages from 250 firms, acquisition of 9,000 paid subscribers.


At national banking trade association, as Vice President and Marketing Director, edited and managed editorial, production and marketing for 30,000‑circulation monthly magazine for bank executives. Magazine earned First Place, General Excellence, Society of National Association Publications competition.Helped triple ad income by recruiting and managing marketing professionals, creating research and sales tracking/forecasting programs; developing sales materials; and conducting seminars.


Education: MBA, marketing management, finance emphasis, University of Chicago Booth School of Business. BS, news-editorial journalism, University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana.Colorado State University. Financial executive program Indiana University.
Affiliations: Assn. for Strategic Planning, International Assn. of Facilitators, Assn. Forum of Chicagoland, Social Media Club.
Publications/Presentations: Write strategy blog.Has written 1,000s of articles and columns; launched publications; drafted and delivered numerous speeches and presentations; created web sites; and organized meetings and seminars. Taught journalism.
Personal: Active volunteer.Competed in many Ironman triathlons and marathons. Live with spouse in Glen Ellyn, IL. Three children and a granddaughter.


Lee Crumbaugh


Leaders engage Forrest Training to provide professional training on:

  • Board and team effectiveness
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Decision making
  • Leadership
  • Strategic planning
  • Plan implementation. 

Learn more at

Let's get started 

Contact us for a one-on-one consultation.  We'll listen to your situation and explore your needs, obvious and hidden, to see how we can help you achieve more.   

Office 135 Dewey Drive, Annapolis, MD 21401 USA

Phone 630-909-9360, Cell 630-730-9619

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