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2018 Annual Conference

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Thousands of Thirty-one representatives assembled in conference at the Greater Columbus Conference Center in Columbus Ohio. COLUMBUS, Ohio (July 25, 2018) — Thirty-One Gifts Founder and CEO Cindy Monroe is thrilled that more than 16,000 of the nearly 120,000 Thirty-One Gifts independent sales consultants could make it to Atlanta this week for the company’s national conference and 10-year anniversary celebration. A blanket of bright pink has swathed Downtown Atlanta as the city welcomes conference attendees. The city has welcomed them with bright pink street banners, billboards, buses and signs welcoming the masses of Thirty-One sales consultants from throughout the U.S. The Georgia World Conference Center, where the conference is located, features a lobby with a sculpture of a huge 10th anniversary cake and a giant model of a Thirty-One purse. “Over the course of the Thirty-One Gifts annual conference, the meeting’s nearly 15,000 attendees will make a projected $13 million impact on our city,” said William Pate, president & CEO, Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau. “These delegates will come to Atlanta and experience our hotels, restaurants and attractions and get a first-hand look at our Southern hospitality. We couldn’t be more thrilled to host this organization in Atlanta.” Ten years ago, the conference would have included Monroe, her husband and a handful of friends and family members gathered in the basement of her Tennessee home. Today, the Columbus, Ohio-based company is ranked 18th on the 2012 Direct Selling News (DSN) Global 100 list, and is the tenth most-profitable direct-selling company in the U.S., with 2012 sales of $718 million. The growth and success of her business is not something Monroe takes credit for alone. The credit, she says, goes to the women gathered in Atlanta this week and the many more at home who sell Thirty-One Gifts totes, handbags, accessories and organizational items. “Our mission is unwavering: to celebrate, encourage and reward women by giving them the ability to run their own businesses on their own time and from their own homes,” said Monroe. “These women, our consultants, are the only reason we’re more than 15,000 strong in Atlanta this week, and why this company has grown so successfully over the last decade.” Monroe makes it a point to meet as many consultants and field directors as she can, knowing that their input into the products, consultant support systems and company operations are crucial. At the conference this week, consultants will see the new fall line, including a restyled Girl on the Go™ purse and accessory collection. They’ll also hear the latest company news, attend sales training, learn from national speakers, share best practices, celebrate each other’s successes and have lots of fun. Amanda Hajel, an executive director from Bethesda, Maryland, is attending her second conference. She’s thrilled to be able to spend time with Monroe and other consultants. “I always leave the conference excited about new products and with great ideas for increasing sales, supporting my teams, and throwing unique Thirty-One parties,” said Hajel. “And I love to hear about opportunities for charitable giving, which are important to me and such a wonderful aspect of the company.” Thirty-One Gives™ is a charitable foundation established by Thirty-One Gifts that partners with organizations that share the company’s mission to support women. Thirty-One Gives announced a new national nonprofit partner this year – Girl Talk, a peer-to-peer mentoring program where high school girls help middle-school girls with the challenges they may face as young teens. The company also encourages consultants to give back to their local communities with time, products and fundraising parties to support local causes. Monroe sees the annual conference as a springboard for new growth each year. As the company expands into Canada and other parts of the U.S. – and continues to increase and enhance its product lines – she places even more importance on the conference. “I get so many good ideas from the consultants and directors that I bring back to the home office. Our teams here – from designers and sales support to supply chain and customer service – help make them a reality. It is a true blessing to have so many people working together for a single goal, to empower women,” said Monroe.

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