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Jim Procaccini US Health Advisors

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Insurance is different these days!
Things are different these days. It used to be a given that employers provided health insurance coverage for their employees. Most people got insurance through their job… sometimes even a “Cadillac” plan. If you’re looking for someone that understands the situation you’re in, and will give you real help, Jim Procaccini is your man.
Jim found himself in a situation like the one you might be in today. After he sold his technology company he owned for twelve years, he found himself in need of health insurance. He was absolutely dismayed about the cost of coverage on the exchanges, especially for a healthy guy like himself. During his search, Jim stumbled upon a company call US Health Advisors. He was thrilled to find that he could get decent coverage without losing his nest egg. As he noticed the practical help US Health Advisors gave him, and plenty of other people, he decided to work for them. That was over a year ago, and Jim couldn’t be happier with his position with the company.
When you sign on with Jim, you get so much more than an insurance salesman. He is grateful for every opportunity to help someone avoid over the top fees for health insurance. Chances are, if there’s any reason why he can’t help… he’ll know someone that will. He stays client focused, thinking and acting according to what’s best for his clients… and friends. Instead of being in a tense, stressful situation, Jim will make getting health insurance easy and fun. He will call on you in person, shake your hand, and look you in the eye. You’ll know right away that you’ve made the right choice.

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