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About Bridges

People can safely bridge connections with other people over similar topics where that share the same interest. This social network is better because it is not just a bunch of random social media feeds and random posts from friends. The posts here are relevant to what you want. Our topic navigation allows you to easily find topics without having to guess (or fingure out) the quirky hash tags or names of groups, it is all right here waiting for you.

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Find the exact thing you are looking for. No more endless searching through websites, blogs, listings. Find it right here, if you don't find it, create your own topic and others will come and find you and find your topic.

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Each Topic is an Online Community

Once you are in your Topic World, it it filled with other "like minded people" where people can post links to webpages, upload your own pictures and posts, see articles, and even request new topic items. You can even create a Topic based event for others to attend.

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Your Privacy Is Protected

No need to be afraid to talk. We only know you by "a little number". We don't know who you are, nobody knows who you are, and there is nothing for people to hack or data breech. You have full control over what you choose to share - just follow the rules.

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Bridges is about building bridges not walls. The first rule is to keep everything positive here. That means nothing illegal, no violence, no personal ads, positive talk, just share facts, good will, and constructive ideas. Use your mind and message to make this world a better place. We reserve the right to block persons who break the rules or harass others.

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Freedom of Speech

We belive that ideas and discussion are a good thing. Change never happens by people thinking and doing all the same things. Diversity is all about people saying what is on their minds and expressing themselves, no matter how different. If you don't like a topic, simply change the Bridges topic channel then. Please - no trolling.

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I am here to help

Contact me if you have any suggestions, issues, or questions. My email is James@Bridges.Today